10 Useful Ways to Easily Upgrade Your Trash Can and Make Trash Management More Efficient

Garbage is not simple. And more waste will lead to a larger carbon footprint and faster climate change. Improper recycling will lead to more landfills. And no matter how much you reduce, reuse, recycle, you're inevitably filling up a garbage bag or three every week. There is no reason why you should have to live with smelly, messy trash cans. In order to reduce the burden of trash and increase the life span of the trash cans, here are a few basic tips for you.

1. Drill Holes to Avoid Stuck Bag

It is annoying to take out the trash, and wrestling with a stuck, full trash bag makes it even worst. Here is our tip: drill a few holes in the sides of the trash container to prevent the suction you often encounter when pulling out the bag. Make sure to drill them a few inches above the bottom so no liquid will leak and make a mess.

2. Clip Garbage Bags In Place

Still upsetting about the slipping and sliding trash bags when you throw in a heavy object? Try with paper clips, the most versatile household gadgets! Use paper clips to hold the bags that are too big for your garbage bin in place.

3. Secure Drawstrings With Hooks

To avoid your bag slipping into the trash bin, stick the adhesive hooks to the sides of the trash can, and then wrap the drawstrings around them to prevent slipping.

4. Use a Helpful Handle

With a brass handle, you don't need to reach into the trash can to pull it out - just hold onto the handle and keep your gloves clean even when you have to process the dirtiest things in your house.

5. Add Wheels to Increase Flexibility

It’s really messy to put the eggshells into the trash after scrambling up a big breakfast. Install extra wheels onto the bottom of your trash bin to make it easier to transfer.

6. DIY an Automatic Lid

Have you thought about making an automatic trash can lid that will open by itself and leave you hands-free? Here is our technique: attach a string to the lid of your trash can, so the lid gets pulled up with the holder that is pulled out of the cabinet. No more getting germs on your hands when you are cooking in the kitchen.

7. Store Extra Bags on the Can Bottom

Keep a pack of new plastic trash bags right at the bottom of your trash can, instead of storing them far away from where your garbage bin locates. Try this useful trick to simplify your trash day routine and even parties - because the last thing a hostess needs to do is to search for garbage bags in the middle of the party.

8. Store Bags on a Rod

Your bags still get tangled up under your sink? The only way to solve this is to throw them on a roller - one for garbage disposal and another for recycling.

9. Hide Trash Cans in Your Island

Do you know that kitchen island is a perfect place to hide trash can except for serving as kitchen cabinets? Place the trash cans into the cabinet, and they will stay snugly inside on the hinged doors with a hook connecting to the top of the internal cabinet, which prevents the doors from falling open and spilling trash on the floor.

10. Hide It In Plain Sight

Convert your dresser into a drawer to hide your trash can. So your room’s yuckiest storage spot becomes a cute organizer.

Use touchless trash can if you are still worried about picking up bacteria every time you lift the lid to throw trash. A sensor trash can will automatically open its lid when sensing a wave of your hand. A totally hands-free and convenient option to add extra cleanliness to your kitchen.

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