SANIWISE Bidet Attachment A200 Blue Fresh Water Best for Your Existing Toilet Seat

SANIWISE dual-nozzle bidet attachment A200 provides a cleaning solution for the entire family. Clean in comfort with refreshing spray patterns for him or her or child. Simply adjust the bidet spray with the water pressure controls knob and function selection knob.


Slim and Sturdy

Come with sleek design, chrome-plated knobs, high-quality parts, SANIWISE bidet attachment will give your bathroom a higher-level look. Gentle, Refresh, Clean in comfort with Dual nozzles for Rear & Front Wash.

Includes all Parts and Tools

Constructed with high-pressure faucet quality valves with metal and braided steel hoses instead of traditional plastic hoses. Easily attaches to and detaches from any standard two-piece toilet.

Exclusive Design

Control panel is designed to complement both your toilet and your bathroom. The unique shelf can place small items such as mobile phones. Simply turn the grip control knob to activate your preferred spray.

Hygienic Bidet Nozzles

Simply turn the grip control knob to activate your preferred spray. The nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate after each wash to ensure it is clean.

Friendly and Economic

Save money on toilet paper. Cleaning with our bidet is gentle and comfortable on your skin.

Premium Customer Support

SANIWISE aims to provide you with the excellent bidet attachments that are easy to use and install with the included installation hardware. If you encounter any installation issues, feel free to reach out to us.

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