SANIWISE Travel Bidet Bottle 360ml

  • Ergonomic Design Peri Bidet Cleanser - Helps to clean and refresh the butt and feminine place. It is designed held upside down, 6.5” angled and flexible nozzle.
  • Easy to Use - Light and durable, handheld size makes it easy to carry around. 12.8 OZ bottle provides you with more than enough water and allows you to clean yourself thoroughly with minimum effort and high efficiency.
  • Perfect Travel Bidet - Good for personal hygiene for all people on vacation as well as baby care, postpartum care at home. Easy spray cleaning down there during limited mobility recovery for fat and surgery people without putting pressure on incision or soreness.
  • Soft Squeeze Bottle - Squirt water bottle made of BPA-FREE materials, simply fill up the bottle with cold or warm water and squeeze to enjoy the refreshing experience.
  • Pack with Travel Bag - Toilet bidet bottle comes with a waterproof travel bag for soothing cleansing anywhere - making the washer a wonderful gift bound to love at baby showers.

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