Benefits of Using Bidet Toilet Seats

A bidet sends a stream of water directly at your b-hole cleaning off fecal material, sweat, and grime. This easy add-on is now more relevant than ever has been due to the current scarcity of toilet paper. Most of the world already knows about the benefits of using bidets as they are very common in many Asian and European countries. In fact, the French have been spraying their butts for over 300 years so that has to say something about their effectiveness. Also, up to 90 percent of households in South America have one, and just about every hotel in Japan does too. If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, consider the five benefits of bidets.

1. Improves Personal Hygiene

First and foremost, a bidet toilet seat is a more sanitary option than using only toilet paper. It provides water that can remove residue left on your skin, leaving you feeling cleaner and more refreshed.

2. Cost-Efficient

Bidets are also a cost-effective solution for your home bathroom. You will use much less toilet paper, which will cut down your weekly shopping expenses. Over the life of your bidet toilet seat, these savings could add up to big money.

In addition to saving money on toilet paper purchases you will also reduce your household waste because there is less packaging to dispose of when you buy less toilet paper.

3. More Comfortable and Gentler on Your Skin

A bidet toilet is more comfortable to use than a traditional bathroom toilet. It provides a splash of water that can be varied in direction, temperature and intensity. You will not experience the rough pressure or rubbing, which can cause inflammation or discomfort.

4. Environmentally Friendly

All that toilet paper flushed down the drain adds up. It is estimated that Americans use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day. In addition, toilet paper packages increase the amount of household waste produced. If there was widespread use of bidet toilet seats in America, the positive effect on the environment could be considerable.

5. Fewer Plumbing Problems

Traditional toilets tend to have more clogging issues than bidets. Since less toilet paper is usually needed, you will be less likely to experience a backup that requires a costly call to a plumber.

A bidet toilet seat is a smart solution to many common bathroom concerns. If you have never considered purchasing one before, now might be the right time.

Having experienced non-stop bathroom headaches during pregnancy, a young mom founded SANIWISE in 2019 and set the goal to transform everyone's bathroom experience into spa-like adventures. Today, SANIWISE is committed to provide high-quality, convenient, and yet affordable bidet toilet seats to the community.

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