10 Useful Tips to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

You spend a lot of time in the car, but you don't want to deep clean it often! You can use the following ten tips every day to keep your car clean.

1. Utilize Trash Can

Always keep a trash can in the car so that you don’t have to collect garbage in the future. Whether it's a plastic bag or a travel trash can, there will be a designated storage place so that trash will not be scattered throughout the car. Just don't forget to take it out when it is full!

2. Keep Change Organized

It seems that you can always find coins on the floor or between car seats. If your car does not have a coin holder, please store them all in a sealable container to prevent it from rolling anywhere. Then, when you need to wash the car, finding your quarters will be much easier!

3. Use Organizers

Of course, the organizer will keep you organized! There are organizers that can be attached onto the back of the front seats, which can be used to store travel games and activities. In addition, they can prevent children from kicking into the rear seats. You can also use the shoe organizer to make your own car organizer. For the front seats, you can find dividers with compartments for the center console.

4. Prepare Wet Wipes

When a spill occurs, you may need something better than a fast food napkin to clean up the mess. Keeping a pack of wet wipes or Clorox wipes in the car is an easy way to clean on the go.

5. Buy Cup Holder Liner

Drips and spills from the cup can make your cup holder sticky. You can buy a liner for the cup holder, or you can use a silicone cake liner to prevent liquids from entering the car. Then you can take them out for cleaning!

6. Get Air Freshener

An underestimated way to keep your car fresh and clean is to use air fresheners. You don't have to dangle from your rearview mirror; many companies make air fresheners that can be connected to your vents, so the air that comes out smells good!

7. Knock Your Shoes Clean

If there is no dirt in your car, there is no need to clean it! Before entering your car, try to remove dirt, dust or snow from your shoes.

8. Keep Food Contained

Of course, the easiest way to keep your car clean is to not eat inside the car at all. If you must eat in the car, try putting it in a container that can catch crumbs. This can save a lot of time in cleaning it up later. If the container is sealable, you can prevent your garbage from being poured on the floor.

9. Every Time You Leave, Take Something Out

Instead of letting your belongings pile up in the back seat, you might as well grab something every time you go home. This way, when you finally decide to clean, you won't have a lot of things to carry. Remember, try to take out the thing you brought with that day, and don’t forget to look under the seat!

10. Clean Up Messes Right When They Happen

The longer you wait to clean up the spill, the more difficult it will be to clean up later. As long as you spend a minute cleaning up the mess, you can avoid permanent stains.

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