Four Steps to Effectively Clean Your Car Interior After Road Trips

As the weather is getting nicer, many families are planning on taking their next road trip. Though preparing the car for the trip is usually the top priority of the plan, not many people remember to spend time in cleaning the car afterwards. Thinking about how many debris, wrappers, and trash will be left in the car after a road trip, it will take some effort to clean! Therefore, if you want your ride to look its best, get prepared following the cleaning tasks below before your next long journey.

Wash the Exterior of Your Car

When you come back from a road trip, you may encounter a windshield full of dead insects that cannot be removed quickly by wiping with the water at the gas station. Also dirt and dust may cover your car after hours of driving. Your car is in need of washing!

Fortunately, you can do this at home once you’ve arrived home. Just make sure you have all the correct car wash products, such as a bucket, a piece of car wash cloth, a pair of gloves, a dry towel, and car wash soap.

And, if you find it hard to remove dried debris from your car, try with a high-pressure washer. If you use the best products and the right methods to clean your vehicle, then all the dirt collecting from the journey will be cleaned away completely.


Vacuum Your Car’s Interior

People can never avoid eating in the car during most road trips, especially when your kids are fans of snacks This means you will end up getting crumbs in the car after your road journey, so get your vacuum ready when you arrive home!

Both a handheld vacuum cleaner or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner will work for this process. Either way, do not activate the vacuum until all larger items are removed from the car, including socks, snack wrappers, straws, and coins.

When there are only crumbs in your car, you can begin to vacuum the seats and floors, and make sure to get under the floor mats to catch any crumbs hidden underneath.

Clean the Seats

It is easy to spill something on the seats when you eat or drink in your car while driving. Therefore, it would not be a surprise to find barbecue sauce, ketchup, or coffee stains on the seats after a road trip. Fortunately, a variety of cleaning products is available for you to remove these stains.

You can go with the 303 Spot Cleaner first to remove stains on seats and floors in a few minutes. Then, to protect the fabric in the future, you can apply 303 Stain Guard for car interiors to the seats for removing stains on your next road trip. If your car is equipped with leather seats, you can use 303 Automotive Leather 3-In-1 Complete Care to clean and protect them.

Wipe Down Interior Plastic

During the road trip, you might spill some soda or coffee on the cup holder or get a sticky spot on the car door. To solve this, we recommend applying TriNova Interior Detailer on plastic, vinyl, rubber, trim, and finished leather, then you can quickly make your car's interior look clean again.

If you want to prepare for your next road trip by ensuring that your car is spotless and free of clutter, take a look at our premium automotive garbage cans! Saniwise car trash cans are equipped with a soft rubber lid and three storage pockets that can hold your used cups and water bottles and store your accessories and gadgets. Waterproof lining keeps your car interior free of liquid spills and stains. Check the inventory of this multifunctional portable auto trash bag today!


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